Cleaning and Care

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Out of the Box:

Before use, we recommend that you run PBW solution through your ZChiller’s inner tube followed by boiling water in order to ensure a clean, sterile avenue for your wort.

After a Brew:

Following a brew, residual malt sugars, hops and proteins from the trub will remain in your ZChiller, if only as a thin, invisible layer. In order to effectively clean the trub from your ZChiller and keep it running smoothly, we recommend the following cleaning procedure:

  • As soon as possible, burst rinse your ZChiller with a high flow rate water source (hot water is best) in the opposite direction that wort was flowing when it was chilled.
  • Soak your ZChiller in a percarbonate-based cleaner such as PBW overnight to break up hop and trub particulates from the wort.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water until water is running completely clear and free of hops, grain, and other particulates.
  • Sanitize with no-rinse sanitizer such as Star San.

NOTE: Other copper cleaning options are available, such as food grade phosphoric acid, white distilled vinegar (use hot), as well as other brand cleaners. Follow the link below for more information on cleaning procedures.

Cleaning tips for various brewing materials.

If you have any further questions about cleaning and maintaining your ZChiller, please contact us using form on the Contact Us page.